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Crystal Childs sits with the Stand Out Truck King, Myke Connolly for Episode 21 of the Marketing and Cupcakes Podcast.

Updated: Feb 15

In short, being a Fractional CMO means helping marketing teams get to the next level, something our founder, Crystal Childs has set out to do. A Fractional CMO, or Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, is a relatively new role, and one that has emerged and become more popular from the rise of remote work in recent years.

Crystal sat down with Myke Connolly, a fellow marketing expert, the founder of Stand Out Truck® and CEO at The Launch and Stand Out Agency to discuss how she got to where she is today and what being a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer really means.

Listen below!

Wait until you hear her embarrassing story from early on in her career!

If you want to know more about our Fractional CMO services, download our guide here.

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