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The team at 52 Sumner join Rock 102 to talk about their upcoming inaugural show, featuring The 413's and Moses Sole.

Did you miss it? Our friends at 52 Sumner, a new venue brought to you by Springfield Performing Arts Venture, spoke with our friends at Rock 102 this past Friday morning.

This new venue was once a church and is located at - you guessed it - 52 Sumner Ave in Springfield. They're very first show is happening on Saturday, February 17th and will feature The 413's and Moses Sole. (Show and ticket information here.)

Angela Park and Dan McKellick, the venue founders, sat down with Rock 102's on-air talent, Bax and Nagle to tell them about the upcoming show and their mission.

Have a listen: (Interview begins at 1:49:47)

Follow 52 Sumner's Facebook and Instagram for updates on future shows.

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